Getting Coaching Right: 5 Sales Coaching Guides


Xvoyant has created a landmark five-part series of coaching guides. We are excited to announce the release of the first two guides in the series! Over the  past months we have been researching and curating these guides specifically for sales leaders, coaches, and teams.

Each guide has been put together with the goal of helping sales leaders establish a strong coaching program. They feature data-driven information and advice on how and why coaching works, while highlighting best practices and case studies in order to help leaders become elite sales coaches.  

The first guide is available for free here!


The first guide examines how you approach coaching as the most  important part of a coaching program. Great coaching begins with an understanding and acceptance of the role, commitment to the drivers of coaching success, and relevance to the entire team. The first guide helps you to assess your current program and provides you with a blueprint for the foundation of an elite sales coaching program. It defines many coaching terms in order to create a common language which facilitates learning and correct exchange of ideas among teams. 

After reading the first guide, make sure to keep an eye out for the other four coming out shortly!


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