Coaching Guides

Everything You Need to Know to Coach Like a Pro

Created in conjunction with Sales Hacker.

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The majority of sales leaders are high-performing salespeople who have been promoted. This practice generally leaves a gap in coaching knowledge. This series of five ebooks was created to help sales leaders establish strong coaching programs with a solid understanding of how and why coaching works along with best practices and case studies to help leaders become elite sales coaches.


Part 1: The Coaching Mindset

How you approach coaching is the most  important part of a coaching program.

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Part 2: Using Data to Inspire Commitment

Learn to use data to inspire your team to move beyond coaching conversations to coaching commitments.

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Part 3: The Prioritization Process

Learn to segment your team for maximum production and use of time.

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Part 4: The Right Way to Set Goals

Learning to set goals that both drive and inspire is a talent that all sales leaders must develop.

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Part 5: Following Up

The culmination of the coaching plan, following up on commitments is the most important piece of the puzzle.

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