Powering 1-on-1 Coaching
for Sales Leaders

Generate 30% more revenue by
having better 1-on-1 sessions.

Coach like a boss.


Xvoyant boosts productivity 30 to 40%. Ask Zions Bank.

One Solution for Every Sales Leader

“We are working with Xvoyant to help our managers change to a coaching mindset!! This is going to be a real GAME CHANGER for all of our Sales Teams at WM.”

Steve Urian Steve Urian - VP Sales, Waste Management

A Powerful 1:1 Platform

Xvoyant’s technology drives sales transformation by powering 1:1 meetings with sales leaders and salespeople. Xvoyant eliminates guesswork in forecast accuracy, improves win rates by over 25%, and develops coaching cadences that drive intentional improvement with every rep.

Win More

  • Set opportunity-specific goals to advance through stages.
  • Identify and coach to key sales activities.
  • Measure rep and buyer verifiers for a true picture of deal status.

Fill Pipeline Gaps

  • Identify shortages at any point.
  • Ensure individual pipeline coverage.
  • Set pipeline-specific goals.

Achieve Career Aspirations

  • Automate 1 on 1 coaching blueprints for any performance level.
  • Set performance specific goals.

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