Upcoming Webinar: Curing Common Coaching

Recent studies show that less than half of salespeople think they receive sales coaching. However, 83% of the managers of these salespeople feel that not only are they providing coaching...they are awesome at it. Whatever most managers are doing...it isn't coaching. The reason this matters is coaching impacts every single sales metric. Production, win rates, and rep retention all improve by over 20% when great coaching happens in an organization.

In this webinar, Rob Jeppsen of Xvoyant and Gaetano DiNardi share the secrets of the world's greatest sales coaches. Learn the anatomy of what creates impactful 1:1's with every rep on your team. Learn how to overcome the most common coaching mistakes and how to ignite new levels of performance with each rep you lead. If you don't have a plan on how each rep can improve by at least 10%, you'll want to participate in this webinar.

What you’ll learn

  • The 5 things every leader must consider to get coaching right
  • The 5 outcomes a sales leader can expect when they get coaching right
  • Common coaching mistakes
  • Anatomy of 1:1's that create impact
  • How to stay in the Inspiration business...not the management business
  • Free resources to identify where you can most quickly improve your coaching impact.

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