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Xvoyant's Mission: Transform the Way Companies Use Salesforce

Founded in 2016 in Salt Lake City, Xvoyant has developed a unique technology that aims to transform the cloud-based Salesforce CRM platform from a ‘system of record into an Enterprise Sales Engagement platform to drive action and engagement,’ explains CEO Rob Jeppsen. 

Upcoming Webinar: Curing Common Coaching

Recent studies show that less than half of salespeople think they receive sales coaching. However, 83% of the managers of these salespeople feel that not only are they providing coaching...they are awesome at it. Whatever most managers are doing...it isn't coaching. The reason this matters is coaching impacts every single sales metric. Production, win rates, and rep retention all improve by over 20% when great coaching happens in an organization.

In this webinar, Rob Jeppsen of Xvoyant and Gaetano DiNardi share the secrets of the world's greatest sales coaches. Learn the anatomy of what creates impactful 1:1's with every rep on your team. Learn how to overcome the most common coaching mistakes and how to ignite new levels of performance with each rep you lead. If you don't have a plan on how each rep can improve by at least 10%, you'll want to participate in this webinar.

What you’ll learn

  • The 5 things every leader must consider to get coaching right
  • The 5 outcomes a sales leader can expect when they get coaching right
  • Common coaching mistakes
  • Anatomy of 1:1's that create impact
  • How to stay in the Inspiration business...not the management business
  • Free resources to identify where you can most quickly improve your coaching impact.

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Stop Counting Your 1:1s and Start Making Your 1:1s Count

I speak with Sales Leaders around the world every day.  Some are large global organizations, and others are young companies that are making their mark.  Regardless of size, industry, or growth rate, I have found that most organizations ask their leaders to conduct 1:1s with each rep.

When we ask a leader about their approach to 1:1s, 90% tell me they are doing them.  The other 10% tell me they need to be doing them.

When we ask a leader what they are getting from the 1:1, the most common answer may surprise you:

“I don’t know.”

How Sales Coaching Helps Eliminate Sandbagging

We’ve all been there: under-promise and over-deliver.   It has become a well-known saying and a mantra for sales reps. Downplaying large or advanced opportunities to use later when needed to pad performance can temporarily make a rep look good, but it makes forecasting extremely difficult.

But, Is it Sales Coaching?

In the world of Sales, coaching has become a hot topic.  How hot? Coaching just passed predictive technologies as the biggest recipient of investor funds.  Sales experts have been sharing some pretty impressive numbers around dynamic coaching, including double-digit improvements in win rate, percent of reps hitting quota, production, retention, etc. For most organizations, sales coaching has become a non-negotiable part of their success.

5 Common Sales Coaching Misconceptions

The benefits of sales coaching are no longer debatable. Study after study have confirmed that coaching yields increased production, higher productivity, increased CRM use, better retention and higher win rates. Those five results make a coaching program a non-negotiable for successful sales teams.

Success in Sales and Sales Coaching are Not So Different

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) 2018 Leadership Summit.  This was a fantastic event where Bob Perkins and team hosted sales leaders from around the world.  Amazing leaders from established heavyweights and scrappy startups joined together to share best practices and lift the sales profession.

Getting Coaching Right: 5 Sales Coaching Guides


Xvoyant has created a landmark five-part series of coaching guides. We are excited to announce the release of the first two guides in the series! Over the  past months we have been researching and curating these guides specifically for sales leaders, coaches, and teams.

Each guide has been put together with the goal of helping sales leaders establish a strong coaching program. They feature data-driven information and advice on how and why coaching works, while highlighting best practices and case studies in order to help leaders become elite sales coaches.  

The first guide is available for free here!

One of Your Greatest Sales Tools Might Be in the Office Down the Hall

Today's blog post comes to us courtesy of Iva Williams, Customer Experience Manager at Xvoyant.

5 Keys Elements to Becoming a World-Class Sales Coach

The best sales leaders share common practices. This post details five of those practices—processes that separate world class leaders from everyone else.  Each element stands on its own, but taken together, they are powerful instruments of change and implementing them will help any leader be more relevant to their reps and more successful in their career.

The Definition of "Passio:" How it Applies to Sales Coaching and to Life

My oldest son has worn a black wristband since he was about 11 years old.  The wristband says “Passio Bellator,” a Latin phrase which roughly translated means “Suffering Warrior.” He got this wristband when he had the opportunity to work with the National Football Academy and their coaching staff.  Coach Darin Slack, the founder of NFA teaches these QBs the principle of “Passio.” 

If Your Sales Process is Good, Success is Inevitable. Here's Why.

Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL.  He wasn’t a first round draft pick and he wasn’t highly recruited coming out of High School.  Most of his college experience came as a backup at Michigan.  Brady was taken as the 7th quarterback taken in the NFL draft as the 199th player taken overall after having a famously unimpressive NFL combine.

7 Reasons Why Your 2018 Sales Coaching Initiative Will Fail

2018 is shaping up to be the Year of Coaching. More and more sales thought leaders are coming to the conclusion that robust coaching programs can make a huge difference in win rate, quota attainment, and overall revenue. Coaching your sales team has become non-negotiable.

Blueprint to Coaching Success in Banking

The year was 2005.  I’d been involved in sales and sales leadership for several technology companies and had helped found and grow several SaaS companies.  My expertise was helping organizations add method to the madness of sales, but it was mostly focused on emerging and mid-sized companies with an emphasis on technology.

Xvoyant selected as Company of the Year for Sales Coaching Technology

Xvoyant was just chosen as Company of the Year for Sales coaching Technology for 2017 by The Technology Headlines magazine.  You can read about it in the online version of the magazine here  https://thetechnologyheadlines.com/company-of-the-year-2017.html  The magazine features a list of companies in various verticals who have "built a loyal customer bases" and who are "key players in their industry, providing quality-driven products and services that are cost-effective and unique at the same time." Rob Jeppsen, CEO of Xvoyant, commented "We are honored to have been chosen as Company of the Year.  I think it speaks to our core values of innovation and relevance in a space that is ready to adopt coaching technology to improve win rates and quota attainment." Xvoyant provides sales coaching technology for Salesforce users to prioritize, optimize and dollarize coaching.

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