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5 Keys Elements to Becoming a World-Class Sales Coach

The best sales leaders share common practices. This post details five of those practices—processes that separate world class leaders from everyone else.  Each element stands on its own, but taken together, they are powerful instruments of change and implementing them will help any leader be more relevant to their reps and more successful in their career.

The Definition of "Passio:" How it Applies to Sales Coaching and to Life

My oldest son has worn a black wristband since he was about 11 years old.  The wristband says “Passio Bellator,” a Latin phrase which roughly translated means “Suffering Warrior.” He got this wristband when he had the opportunity to work with the National Football Academy and their coaching staff.  Coach Darin Slack, the founder of NFA teaches these QBs the principle of “Passio.” 

If Your Sales Process is Good, Success is Inevitable. Here's Why.

Tom Brady is arguably the best quarterback to ever play in the NFL.  He wasn’t a first round draft pick and he wasn’t highly recruited coming out of High School.  Most of his college experience came as a backup at Michigan.  Brady was taken as the 7th quarterback taken in the NFL draft as the 199th player taken overall after having a famously unimpressive NFL combine.

7 Reasons Why Your 2018 Sales Coaching Initiative Will Fail

2018 is shaping up to be the Year of Coaching. More and more sales thought leaders are coming to the conclusion that robust coaching programs can make a huge difference in win rate, quota attainment, and overall revenue. Coaching your sales team has become non-negotiable.

Blueprint to Coaching Success in Banking

The year was 2005.  I’d been involved in sales and sales leadership for several technology companies and had helped found and grow several SaaS companies.  My expertise was helping organizations add method to the madness of sales, but it was mostly focused on emerging and mid-sized companies with an emphasis on technology.

Xvoyant selected as Company of the Year for Sales Coaching Technology

Xvoyant was just chosen as Company of the Year for Sales coaching Technology for 2017 by The Technology Headlines magazine.  You can read about it in the online version of the magazine here  https://thetechnologyheadlines.com/company-of-the-year-2017.html  The magazine features a list of companies in various verticals who have "built a loyal customer bases" and who are "key players in their industry, providing quality-driven products and services that are cost-effective and unique at the same time." Rob Jeppsen, CEO of Xvoyant, commented "We are honored to have been chosen as Company of the Year.  I think it speaks to our core values of innovation and relevance in a space that is ready to adopt coaching technology to improve win rates and quota attainment." Xvoyant provides sales coaching technology for Salesforce users to prioritize, optimize and dollarize coaching.

(Day 10): How Market Leaders Develop Their People

Welcome to Day 10, the final day of our X-Factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge. It's been a fantastic two weeks with informative, actionable insights from the most knowledgeable voices in sales. Thank you to all of our authors and readers. To wrap up the series, today we have the founder and CEO of Xvoyant, Rob Jeppsen. Rob is well-known as a thought leader in Sales Coaching and his passion for helping sales teams improve is evident in this article.  

(Day 9 Bonus!) Top 3 Coaching Mistakes Made by Good Sales Managers

Here's another great article as a bonus today for X-factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge from Colleen Stanley.

Why we Chose her:
The case for coaching has never been stronger and data shows convincingly that a sales leader's primary roles need to include coaching.  In fact, coaching done correctly can provide more bang for your time investment than any other tactic.  This has led to a surge in interest in coaching and a lot of definitions on how to do it right.  Colleen Stanley has a perspective on what leads to great coaching that every sales leader should consider.  Colleen  is the author of  Emotional Intelligence For Sales Success  and Growing Great Sales Teams, an international sales keynote speaker and has been recognized as one of the Top 50 Sales Bloggers in the world for the last 4 years. She is the creator of the Ei Selling® System, a unique and powerful sales program that integrates emotional intelligence skills with consultative selling skills.  Salesforce  has named Colleen as one of the most influential sales figures of the 21st century.
Today, Colleen shares 3 common coaching mistakes and how to avoid them.  As you make your 2018 game plan, her suggestions can keep you from having your best intentions fail to move the needle.  Great coaches become legendary to the people they work with.  Colleen shares how to create legendary impact with your teammates in a great read.

(Day 9) Why Impact Eats Value For Breakfast

Welcome to Day 9 of X-Factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge! Today's article comes to you from Winning By Design's Jacco vanderKooij.

Make sure to check the links to the previous 8 days at the end of the article.

Sales is changing and transforming faster every single year.  I used to say that its not your daddy's sales world anymore...you can safely say its not your big sister's sales world anymore.  One thing that hasn't changed is the need to create value for customers.  A salesperson's ability to create value has long been the attribute that not only wins business, but creates relationships with customers that endure for entire careers.  Jacco vanderKooij is the founder of Winning by Design, an organization helping over 150 of the world's most successful SaaS sales organizations surpass their growth goals.  Jacco understands how to be so valuable your prospects and clients can't ignore you.  His book on scaling SaaS sales teams, "Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organization" is filled with insights every sales org needs to consider. Today Jacco shares an insightful blueprint on how to be valuable to a client.  In typical Jacco fashion...you may be surprised on what makes you most valuable.  If you aren't following Jacco yet, start.  If you haven't read his material before, get it.  If you ever have a chance to listen to Jacco speak do it.  It is our pleasure to bring you insights today from one of the best leaders in sales.  As you consider your 2018 plan, consider how you create impact.  It is a catalyst worth tapping into.

(Day 8 Bonus!) 5 Lessons A 2-Year Old Can Teach You About Sales Coaching

Another day, another bonus article in the X-factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge series from Ryan Leavitt.

Today's experts are sharing thoughts around sales coaching.  Ryan Leavitt is the Chief Revenue Officer for LearnCore, a best-in-class coaching and enablement technology company.  Ryan sees coaching from the lens of coaching his own fast-growing sales team as well as through the lens of helping other leaders benefit from building a coaching culture.  His article is one that we can all benefit from:  Lessons a 2 Year Old Can Teach You About Sales Coaching.  Its a great read with some powerful insights that will help you build your coaching plans for 2018. 

Here is where you can follow Ryan:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanleavitt/


5 Lessons A 2-Year Old Can Teach You About Sales Coaching

(Day 8) The Five Keys to Great Sales Coaching

Welcome to Day 8 of X-Factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge. Today's article comes from a true industry icon—Jim Dickie.

(Day 7 Bonus!) It is Time for More Women in Sales

Welcome to today's bonus article in the X-factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge series. We're committed to bringing you the best thought leadership in Sales. To that end, we're fortunate to have a second, epic article today from Lori Richardson.

Veteran sales consultant and women-in-sales champion Lori Richardson contributes her thoughts on a leadership success strategy – finding, hiring, retaining and promoting great women in sales. Lori leads Women Sales Pros – a virtual community that teaches companies how to successfully hire more diversely and who helps women learn how to rise within their organization.

(Day 7) Hiring Kick Ass Salespeople

Welcome to Day 7 of X-Factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge! Week 2 continues with an article from Don Cash.

At Xvoyant we are privileged to work with the world's greatest Sales Leaders and Sales Organizations.  Getting to see how the best in the business work reveals a lot of common traits.  The best sales teams generally are fueled by predictable process.  This includes processes around how they hire.  Don Cash is the SVP of Global Inside Sales for BMC Software.  He's run Inside Sales at some of the world's most successful inside sales organizations.  As he's built these high performing sales engines, he's built a playbook on how to hire great salespeople.  Today, Don has shared excerpts from his hiring playbook that have helped him build killer sales teams in several different companies.  Don knows a thing or two about going fast...whether he's winning awards for inside sales growth or building high performance cars that challenge for land speed records, one thing is for sure:  Don Cash can help you move fast.  Step aside Ricky Bobby...

Here is where you can follow Don:

Website: www.bmc.com
LinkedIn: /in/doncash/

Hiring Kick Ass Salespeople

World-class sales hiring is the biggest reason for world-class sales results.  Seems easy right?!  Making the right hiring decision is a make or break decision with a huge upside or a huge downside.  Everyone knows the financial impact of a bad hire in lost real dollars in time and compensation, and the more important lost “opportunity costs” for unrealized sales revenue and customer satisfaction.  This entire article could be written on why a bad hire sucks; however, I would prefer to discuss how to make the right hiring decisions and more importantly, how to increase your chances of good hiring and mitigate the risks of bad hiring.

(Day 6) One Haunting Sales Statistic Every Sales Leader Should Know

Welcome to Day 6 of our X-Factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge! This will be a week filled with insightful, actionable wisdom from some of the biggest names in Sales.  Today's article comes to us from Jill Konrath.

If you're in sales, you know who Jill Konrath is.  An icon in the sales profession, she's made a huge impact in how salespeople make how they sell more important than what they sell.   A four time bestselling author and one of the highest-rated keynote speakers, Jill has a unique perspective on how salespeople can intentionally improve.  Today she shares a tactic that helped shape her career, and one that she's used to help shape the careers of thousands of other salespeople.  If you're a salesperson, you'll want to implement this tactic today.  If you're leading a team of salespeople, this is a tactic that will help your entire team.  Jill starts what will be an epic week of sales knowledge with something very few salespeople do...but when they do, they win more often.

Jill’s ideas and insights are ubiquitous in multiple forums online and you'll definitely want to follow her. Here's how you do that:

Website: www.jillkonrath.com
LinkedIn: /in/jillkonrath

(Day 5) Designing a Social Sales Blueprint for Sales Leadership in 2018

Welcome to Day 5 of the X-Factor: 10 Days of Epic Sales Knowledge!. Todays article comes from Jack Kosakowski of the Creation agency.

The sales world has undergone a digital transformation.  While this has had a huge impact on how we connect with buyers, it has had an even bigger impact on how people make purchase decisions.  And the transformation isn't over...things are just changing faster every day.  We're now at a point where it isn't enough to have a social/digital strategy, we have to be social/digital organizations.  This requires different tools, tactics, metrics, and approaches. 

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