Training to Get the Most from Xvoyant Technology

Although Xvoyant technology is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, we provide training services to fine-tune your team’s integration of the platform with your current processes.  Once your subscription begins, it’s important to let your team know where to access the product and how to use it. Xvoyant makes it easy for you by providing a robust customer engagement program to help you train your team and maximize your return on investment. Xvoyant training:

  • Assures rapid adoption
  • Increases rep buy-in
  • Decreases need for support

Xvoyant can provide product training on-site or remotely and all trainers are experienced salespeople with intimate product knowledge. To make the most of your Xvoyant investment, contact us for details and to get started now.

Training the World's Greatest Sales Coaches

Part of building a world class team includes developing coaches who can bring out the best in those teams.  Skill development, communication, and cadence are just some of the common skillsets required for a sales coach to succeed. Xvoyant trains sales coaches in best practices with proven methodologies to ensure coaching program success. In order for sales coaching training to be effective, there are 3 components that must be in place:

  • Coaching must be process-oriented
  • Coaching must address skill gaps
  • Coaching must be supported by an ongoing plan

Xvoyant training focuses on each of these components.  With award-winning backgrounds in sales, sales leadership, and sales coaching, Xvoyant trainers can help you scale, fill in gaps, or just provide a fresh face to help your leaders develop coaching skills that move the needle. We have helped train small teams as well as global sales teams with thousands of reps. To demystify the coaching process, start a conversation with Xvoyant and we can help you build a plan to meet the specific needs of your team.

Let us help you create legendary sales coaches.