One of the biggest challenges organizations face when implementing a CRM is getting their salespeople to use it (and Salesforce is no exception). The problem is, the reps don’t always see the value in using it.

Enter Xvoyant. Reps can easily see their current status, goals, and pipeline, but more Importantly, they can:

  • get insights into success drivers
  • dollarize the value of their efforts
  • predict the ultimate result of intentional improvement
Reps can see what effect every change will have on the bottom line, based both on activities and skills.

Xvoyant raises Salesforce adoption 95% and use by over 85%.



"What If" Calculator


Personalized Performance Management


Keep reps' sales careers on track


Road Maps

The goal of coaching should be to create actionable plans for performance improvement. Xvoyant automatically creates individualized coaching blueprints for flawless 1:1 execution.

Dollarizing the results of every activity is easy, which allows a rep and their manager to be predictive and project the effect of their activities on their current goals and career aspirations. Xvoyant helps sales leaders provide each rep with precise, objective and individualized coaching.






Xvoyant also makes Individual Development Plans (IDPs) easy by tracking current goals against long-term plans using stages and verifiers.

Xvoyant increases production by more than 30%


Hitting Quota

Let’s face it: it’s all about hitting your number.  And having the tools to help achieve your quota will make all the difference.  Xvoyant tracks must-win opportunities and shows customer verifiers to keep things moving through the pipeline.

Find must-win opportunities and deals that have stalled or been neglected and set goals around stage verifiers and activities.

Track progress toward goal and pinpoint the skills and activities needed to crush your quotas.

Xvoyant increases the number of reps hitting quota by 20%


Everything you need to turn a deal into a win at your fingertips.


Change opportunity details inside Xvoyant.


Time Savings

Salesforce can be a bit complicated to use, and let’s face it, a bit tedious. A sales rep’s time is their most valuable commodity, and most reps think it takes too much of it to enter data.

Xvoyant combines pipeline, activity, and goal tracking into one interface that makes is blazingly fast.  Built native in Salesforce, Xvoyant automatically tracks goal activities. Reps have a single point of entry for updating opportunities without switching into and out of Salesforce.

Xvoyant saves an average of 15 minutes per rep per week.


Win Rate

Winning more opportunities is every salesperson’s goal, and the conversion metric is the most important factor in determining success. Xvoyant includes powerful tools to monitor the health of every opportunity and gives the rep direct access to analyze and edit an opportunity without ever leaving Xvoyant.

Xvoyant increases win rates by 28%


All the key attributes of every opportunity in one, easy-to-access place.

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