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Episode 5: Trust: The Currency of Every Relationship and How a Sales Leader Can Earn It

Mark Smith is VP of Sales for Womply.  Womply has not only entered high-growth mode….they’ve been there for awhile now.  His secret to ongoing growth?  It isn’t a sales methodology, technology, or process…though they certainly use all of those things well.  The fuel that has helped Mark’s team succeed has been developing trust.  Mark shares why trust is the currency of every relationship and how they’ve built a team where trust helps them execute, adapt, and smash all of their sales goals.  Mark believes the biggest challenge each leader has is to get every team member to believe in themselves.  And here’s an interesting twist:  If you have to ask for their trust, you’re doing it wrong.  Mark lays down a blueprint on how to create a team fueled by mutual trust.  The results speak for themselves.

Episode 4: Individual Road Maps for Individual Reps: Moving Past the Minimums to Scale with Swagger

Travis Huff, Director of B2B Sales for Wayfair has driven growth that resulted in Wayfair being recognized as one of the fastest growing stocks in 2017. His blueprint is simple: Talk is Cheap. Too many leaders talk about key things like onboarding, metrics, playbooks, and coaching. Travis builds process around them. Learn how you can build processes around onboarding and coaching that not only gets reps to revenue quickly, but create consistency in how your leaders connect to the development of each individual and help develop unique roadmaps for each rep’s success.

Episode 3: Obsession with Execution: The Doorway to Hypergrowth

Justin Welsh, SVP of Sales for PatientPop shares how obsession with execution helped him get PatientPop in HyperGrowth mode in year 1 and keep them there for four straight years. His blueprint focuses on 3 areas to get right first and he shares the 4 step process his leaders use to execute in the present. These tactics will help you…regardless of your company’s size or growth phase… create a culture where your salespeople are the evangelists of learning and execution…no micromanagement required.

Episode 2: How to Create a Sales Culture Where the Motivated Can Win


Robert Beattie, Sr. Director of Sales For Thomson Reuters joins the podcast to share his leadership blueprint that has helped him achieve double digit growth in a mature, single-digit growth market. He shares his playbook that led to him being awarded 2018 Executive of the Year by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). Rob shares how to create impact as a leader so those that are motivated are able to achieve performance levels faster than even the reps had hoped.


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Episode 01: Introduction

Join Rob Jeppsen for an introduction to the podcast.  Each episode will help to answer the biggest question in business: How do you create predictable, repeatable and scalable success? We're here to help, by introducing you to the tactics and practices that the best sales leaders use to drive head-turning success. Rob lets you know what you can expect from each episode and gives you his promise: you'll leave each episode with new ideas to help you drive high growth with your team.

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Sales Leadership Podcast is Live!

Welcome to the new Sales Leadership Podcast. Join your host, Rob Jeppsen, for high volume sales tactics for high volume teams. Every episode will be full of insight and strategy that you won't hear anywhere else.  Some of Rob's first guests include Rob Beattie, Jeff Spencer, Justin Welsh and Robert Cornell. Each is an active sales leader at the top of his game and each is eager to share the experiences and advice that has helped them become successful and achieve their sales goals.

Look for the first episode to drop in the next few days and then stay tuned—new episodes will become available each week.

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