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#14: Haley Katsman of Highspot—Creating a Growth Organization (Not Just Sales)

Haley Katsman is Vice President of Account Development, Enablement, and Growth and HighSpot.  Her job is to more than just drive sales.  She is building a growth organization.  Her team fuels the Sales Pipeline of HighSpot as well as the People Pipeline.  In this week's episode, Haley discusses how she's developed a growth organization.  She's traded "force-feeding" management strategies and instead has developed a team built on self-awareness and collaboration.  Haley's perspective is unique to our show as she shares her journey of joining HighSpot as the first SDR and now leading the growth engine of one of the fastest growing software companies in North America.

#13: Jacob Heugly of Zions Bancorporation—Teach, Don't Preach.  Show, Don't Tell.

 Commercial Banking is a complex B2B sales motion.   Like any complex sales team, these bankers have turned to process and technology to create better customer experiences and to create measurable value.  One of the complexities comes in the sheer number of products these bankers have to offer their clients.  Jake Heugly of Zions Bancorporation leads one of the most successful fee income teams in the United States.  They are growing at an industry-beating rate and are averaging 15 products per customer…double the industry average…without having product-related goals.  In this insightful episode, Jake shares how his team uses process in a unique way to create experiences their customers aren’t used to having and how this not only creates successful customer relationships, the process creates powerful coaching opportunities that inspire and engage the members of his teams. 

#12: Justin Hiatt of Workfront—A Sales Leader's Guide to 90% Retention

The Sales Development role is an important one…but a challenging one. So challenging, the turnover rate is consistently between 35-40% annually.

Just not at Workfront.

Justin Hiatt is VP of Sales Development at Workfront. He’s built a team that not only is crushing their quotas, they’ve built a culture that has resulted in 90% retention rates. In this episode, Justin shares the non-negotiables that has led to a high-performing team that is growing fast, how he’s been able to create clear career paths for every rep on his team, why coaching is a leaders’ primary role…and why a rep should quit if they aren’t getting meaningful coaching from their leaders.

#11: Scott Leese of Qualia—The First Hire Every Sales Leader Should Make, and How to Find Them.

Scott Leese, SVP of Sales at Qualia, is an anti-establishment sales leader who finds ways to maximize his time and impact with each member of the sales team. In this episode, Scott explains how he views his team differently and how he ensures that each rep is set up for success.  He believes in doing what you are passionate about and what you are best at. Connecting with each rep and helping them in their personal journey along with getting the right operational help and building a reliable network is his formula for success.  Scott is a best-selling author and producer of the first non-conference sales conference ever conducted from a surfboard (  Scott shares the first two things he does with every company he works with....and why it is a difference maker in this week's episode.

#10: John Barrows of John Barrows Consulting—What High-Growth Sales Leaders Do Differently

John Barrows is trainer to the world’s fastest growing companies.  But John bristles at the label of “Sales Trainer.”  Much of John’s success has come because he is an active, practicing salesperson that shares what he’s learned and tactics that are currently working for him with other organizations.  We invited John to the Sales Leadership Podcast to share what he sees the High Growth Sales Leaders do that those wanting to get in high growth mode NEED to do.  John outlines what High Growth leaders do that elevates their results above other leaders.  Look for the “John Barrows Top 10 things High Growth Sales Leaders Do Different” in the So-What portion of this extended interview.


#9: Kevin Dorsey of ServiceTitan — Practice? We Talking About Practice?

Kevin Dorsey runs Sales Development for ServiceTitan.  Service Titan is changing how thousands of the world’s most successful home service companies grow and operate their businesses.  Under Kevin’s leadership, his team has had head-turning success in helping these previously overlooked business owners optimize their businesses with technology.  Kevin has earned a reputation as one of the top trainers and coaches in the business and has scooped up well-deserved accolades including Sales Development Executive of the Year and Top 100 Sales Coach.  In this episode, Kevin shares his blueprint of creating a culture of excellence.  He shares how he helps his team become “Customer Ready” and his focus points may surprise you.  Allen Iverson could have used a little help from ServiceTitan’s KD…learn why in this engaging discussion.

#8: Tonni Bennett of Terminus—Out of the Box Thinking Creates Out of the Box Results

Tonni Bennett is VP of Sales for Terminus and joined the company as employee #9.  A brand-new company with a brand-new way of creating value in a brand-new market was not going to achieve high-growth with conventional thinking.  Tonni shares her approach to building a sales team that not only surpassed their growth goals, they helped fuel the ABM movement.  This episode highlights how to encourage big thinking and the how immersing the team in the entire process of building a sales org led to complete commitment from her team.  Her impact can be seen in more than just the numbers.  She has a team of evangelists that are finding new believers in the Terminus story around the world.  Sometimes too much experience can put professional blinders on a sales leader.  Learn how Tonni built a system that matched their mission in this insightful episode.

#7: Robert Cornell of Steelhouse—Removing the "Sink" Out of "Sink Or Swim"

Robert Cornell is VP of Sales for Steelhouse.  There’s a reason Steelhouse is the fastest-growing company in advertising today.  His approach to leading his team is centered in his commitment to removing “Sink” from “Sink or Swim.”  He does it by exhausting all efforts to helping each rep succeed.  In this episode Robert shares how this impacts how they onboard, coach, use metrics, and work as a team.  The impact is a team with authentic passion and the result is beating aggressive goals by 50% or more every month.  You’ll love Robert’s approach for building authentic enthusiasm across the enterprise. 

#6: Ralph Barsi of ServiceNow—Why You Need a Team of JEDI Salespeople and How to Develop Them.

Ralph Barsi is the Global Sales Development Leader for ServiceNow.  He leads a team of Sales Development Reps that fuels the growth of what Forbes Magazine has recently decided is the Most Innovative Company in the World.  In the nearly 3 years Ralph has led the global SDR team, ServiceNow has seen 380% growth.  He’s added 14 offices around the globe, increased headcount over 100% and creates the pipeline that fueled last year’s revenues of over $1.93 Billion.  He shares how he creates the next generation of “Jedi-level salespeople.”  He has 2 missions:  Develop pipeline and Develop people.  In this episode Ralph shares a 5-step approach to creating Jedis that includes lighting the Bat Signal and finding the Boysenberries.  Don’t miss this one.

#5: Mark Smith of Womply—Trust: the Currency of Every Relationship and How a Sales Leader Can Earn It.

Mark Smith is VP of Sales for Womply.  Womply has not only entered high-growth mode….they’ve been there for awhile now.  His secret to ongoing growth?  It isn’t a sales methodology, technology, or process…though they certainly use all of those things well.  The fuel that has helped Mark’s team succeed has been developing trust.  Mark shares why trust is the currency of every relationship and how they’ve built a team where trust helps them execute, adapt, and smash all of their sales goals.  Mark believes the biggest challenge each leader has is to get every team member to believe in themselves.  And here’s an interesting twist:  If you have to ask for their trust, you’re doing it wrong.  Mark lays down a blueprint on how to create a team fueled by mutual trust.  The results speak for themselves.

#4: Travis Huff of Wayfair—Individual Road Maps for Individual Reps: Moving Past the Minimums to Scale with Swagger

Travis Huff, Director of B2B Sales for Wayfair has driven growth that resulted in Wayfair being recognized as one of the fastest growing stocks in 2017. His blueprint is simple: Talk is Cheap. Too many leaders talk about key things like onboarding, metrics, playbooks, and coaching. Travis builds process around them. Learn how you can build processes around onboarding and coaching that not only gets reps to revenue quickly, but create consistency in how your leaders connect to the development of each individual and help develop unique roadmaps for each rep’s success.

#3: Justin Welsh of PatientPop—Obsession with Execution: The Doorway to Hypergrowth

Justin Welsh, SVP of Sales for PatientPop shares how obsession with execution helped him get PatientPop in HyperGrowth mode in year 1 and keep them there for four straight years. His blueprint focuses on 3 areas to get right first and he shares the 4 step process his leaders use to execute in the present. These tactics will help you…regardless of your company’s size or growth phase… create a culture where your salespeople are the evangelists of learning and execution…no micromanagement required.

#2: Robert Beattie of Thomson Reuters—How to Create a Sales Culture Where the Motivated Can Win


Robert Beattie, Sr. Director of Sales For Thomson Reuters joins the podcast to share his leadership blueprint that has helped him achieve double digit growth in a mature, single-digit growth market. He shares his playbook that led to him being awarded 2018 Executive of the Year by the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP). Rob shares how to create impact as a leader so those that are motivated are able to achieve performance levels faster than even the reps had hoped.


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