“Xvoyant allows me to deploy tools to our sales teams that make a difference in collaboration and Salesforce™ usage.”

VP Sales Enablement

Xvoyant for Sales Enablement

Sales enablement/operations finally have an intuitive, agile and consistent means of verifying, supporting and documenting coaching processes and execution all while utilizing current Salesforce.com data-sets, reporting environment, pipeline definitions and protocols.

  • Increase Salesforce Utilization

    Experience increased Salesforce use, driven by improved goal attainment and customized coaching plans. Reps and their managers realize a direct benefit from using SFDC.

  • Maximize the value of sales enablement

    Pinpoint areas for improvement and show which high value skill and activity combinations are executed with consistency vs. those with poor or sporadic execution. 

  • Measure with analytics

    Measure sales coaching’s effect on individual and organizational performance.   

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