“Xvoyant is about helping me intentionally improve my sales skills and effeciencies. And, I can see exactly where those improvements will take me.”

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Xvoyant for Sales Reps

Sales reps receive consistent and personalized skill and competency-based coaching using organizational bench mark and individualized performance and activity criteria.  Coaching is collaborative, focuses on leveling-up and clearly illustrates to each rep the benefits of their investment.

  • Hit your numbers

    See current progress towards sales goals and access “what-if” calculators to plan activities necessary to meet and exceed quotas. 

  • Self-correct with productivity and effectiveness tools

    Xvoyant helps you see exactly where you stand, allowing you to Proactively self-correct before you self-destruct. 

  • Manage the pipeline

    Increase confidence in pipeline and forecast accuracy by adding skill application and activity tracking to produce a more accurate and replicable predicter of success.

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