“Xvoyant is the one tool that lets me manage and track my coaching to help my team members level up.”

Sales Manager

Xvoyant for Sales Managers

Being a sales manager can be one of the most challenging roles in sales. Xvoyant makes it easier by providing you with unmatched insight into the performance of teams and individual representatives. Xvoyant provides managers with predictable and sustainable revenue attainment by creating customized coaching plans and skill benchmarking all while ensuring the execution of coaching through integrated goal setting, documentation and measurement. Managers are more able to effectively coach to skills and competencies while their time and effort associated with scheduling, documenting and determining the goals and content of coaching sessions is reduced.

  • Improve confidence in the pipeline

    Get unmatched visibility into your pipeline with Xvoyant Verified Pipeline—the intuitive and elegant interface that visualizes leading indicators that contribute to viability.

  • Coach with ease

    Know who, what and when to coach. Xvoyant simplifies coaching execution and provides insightful recommendations on coaching priorities.

  • Level up the team to hit quota

    See a complete breakdown of your team’s performance, including team and individual health scores, performance against goals and competency benchmarks. 

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