“Xvoyant gives me unmatched visibility into our sales process and coaching. I know who is being coached, what they are being coached on, and what impact our coaches are having.”

-Brad Sheppard, EVP Zions Bank

Xvoyant for Sales Executives

Xvoyant gives you unmatched insight into the factors, barriers and potential of your sales team’s performance by connecting pipeline and forecast management with competency and skill improvement.  Sales Leaders realize an increase in predictable and sustainable revenue attainment, allowing you to lead efficiently and accurately.   Organizational “buy-in” to coaching cadence and excellence drives improved retention and engagement of high performers, while also describing a clear improvement path for all team members.  Xvoyant ensures that the benefits of skill development and activity tracking are clearly and individually communicated at a rep, team, geographical, and organizational level.

  • Level up your entire team’s quota achievement

    See how well your sales organization is executing,  know which team members are performing and know where to apply resources for the best return.

  • Improve forecast accuracy using customer verifiers

    Stop wondering whether the forecasts you hear are accurate. Know outcomes with precision.

  • Increase Salesforce utilization

    Create enthusiastic Salesforce adoption and inspire sales process excellence. 

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