Sales Coaching Defined

What Is Sales Coaching?

Coaching is the process of intentional improvement though:

  • CadenceIf you don't have consistency, you don't have coaching.  Consistency helps you transform conversations to coaching.  Cadence is also the thing that seems most daunting at scale.
  • Process (instead of Outcomes)—If process is good, success is inevitable.  If process is weak, success is unsustainable.  Many sales coaches make the mistake of confusing deal pursuit with coaching.  The people development process is what drives sustainable success.
  • Level Up (rather than Skill Gaps)—It is not uncommon for people to discuss "Skill Gaps."  Great coaches don't look backwards, they look forwards.  We help create a culture of forward-looking self-examination that identifies and quantifies not only what elements are "Next level" for an individual, we help quantify why they are worth chasing.
  • Collaboration(as opposed to Dictates)—Coaching often has a negative connotation that it is only for underperformers. It also often insinuates that the coaching is about compliance to certain activities dictated by the leader. Xvoyant helps reps identify what they want to achieve and then draw on their own energy to achieve it.  Collaboration is what will help transform coaching from a negative to something the reps run to.

Coaching Could Be Your Company’s Greatest Competitive Advantage

“Inability to articulate value” is the #1 reason sales reps fail to hit quota and 68% of reps say they aren’t sure how to articulate a differentiated solution to their customers… but less than 35% of sales organizations provide a way to practice customer conversations (Serious Decisions). Consistent coaching focused on high-value skills and activities is critical to developing a sales rep’s ability to add customer value but most companies struggle to implement sales coaching at scale or to track and measure coaching’s execution, cadence and impact.

Xvoyant Sales Coaching Technology brings “intentional, prescriptive and sustained” skill improvement designed to help make sales coaching one of your greatest strengths.

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Xvoyant is the only Sales Coaching software of its kind.  Built native in Salesforce, it is the centerpiece of your Sales Coaching Stack.

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