Make Your 1-on-1s Count

Remove the Guesswork and Coach with Confidence.

Preparing for a 1-on-1 doesn't have to be a time-intensive activity,  With Xvoyant, you can be well prepared for a coaching session in less than 3 minutes. This video explains how to prepare using three different methods to ensure the most relevant experience for both coach and rep.


Three Methods of Coaching.

Xvoyant’s technology drives sales transformation by powering 1:1 meetings with sales leaders and salespeople. Xvoyant eliminates guesswork in forecast accuracy, improves win rates by over 25%, and develops coaching cadences that drive intentional improvement with every rep.  It transforms your 1-on-1 results. With Xvoyant, you can automate forecasting and eliminate guesswork, predicting performance based on individual strengths and weaknesses. You can create individual coaching blueprints automatically and predict the revenue impact of any activity change—per rep. Best of all, you can track leader and rep accountability and measure coachability by rep.


Win more Deals

  • Set opportunity-specific goals that advance deals through stages
  • Conduct key sales activities.
  • Measure buyer verifiers.


Fill Pipeline Gaps

  • Ensure individual pipeline coverage.
  • Set pipeline-specific goals.


Achieve Career Aspirations

  • Automate coaching blueprints for any performance level.
  • Set performance-specific goals.

Digital Sales Leadership in Your Salesforce™ Instance

  • Enable every sales leader on your team.
  • Predict what to discuss with each rep.
  • Predict the impact of the change to any activity or skill in your sales playbook.
  • Simplify the prioritization of coaching goals.
  • Create pipeline consistency.
  • Automate the goal setting and accountability processes.
  • Forecast accurately.
  • Predict the growth of each rep.
  • Powerful 1:1 conversations regardless of a leader’s experience.
  • Win more, win faster.