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Sales Coaching Technology

The Transformation is underway.

Help every member of the sales team level up with predictive pipeline, competency and performance insights.


Coaching Activities



Coaching Workflows


The Impact

Its never been easier to discover the areas of greatest impact.



Sales Leaders

Establish a cadence of self improvement to help your reps level up.


Sales Reps

Find the most effective methods of intentional improvement.


Sales Enablement

Give your teams everything they need to establish a true competitive advantage.


Rapidly identify and prioritize each rep’s areas for improvement.

Native in Salesforce

Simplify sales coaching by conducting the entire coaching process inside Salesforce.


Simple Setup

Intuitive Setup connects to your existing sales stages, activities, and hierarchies.

Rapid Insights

Discover insights quickly and connect to success drivers in minutes with intuitive drill-down and “what if” filters.

Measure performance, activities and coachability to predict forecast viability and rep engagement.

Discover the answer to intentional improvement for each of your reps instantly.



Objectively measure outcomes against process points in a way that removes emotion or defensiveness.


Predictive Insights

Transform historical Salesforce activity into a predictive modeling tool. Provide each rep with precise, objective and individualized coaching.


Individual Coachability

Pinpoint each person’s willingness to improve. Maximize efficiency by focusing on the reps that most value and respond to coaching.


The first platform to link activity execution and skill development to pipeline sustainability and forecast accuracy.

verified pipeline forecast

Verified Pipeline Forecast

Use machine learning and data science to have a clearer understanding of where every deal REALLY is.


Pipeline Health Score

Understand what is happening with every deal in the pipeline and develop key skills at the same time.


Coach with Confidence

Performance coaching, pipeline management, and deal structuring all in one intuitive Salesforce interface.

Optimize Coaching Execution

One consistent platform to plan, schedule, document and track coaching sessions and goals. Xvoyant syncs with Salesforce calendaring, routing and notification functionality to provide an integrated, closed-loop workflow.


Coaching Calendar

Schedule and maintain a visible cadence of coaching while ensuring that each rep benefits from a consistent and collaborative approach 


Coaching Goals

Create and manage both sales and coaching goals in Salesforce for the first time. Push notification of goal milestones allows managers to be proactive with both course corrections and recognition.


Coaching Health Score

Use machine learning to understand which reps are most responsive to coaching and which coaches create the best impact.

performance curve.jpg

Model Awesomeness

Give every rep a roadmap to what excellence looks like.  Some may need to change activity levels, other may need to develop new skills.  Whatever the case, a leader owes it to their team to define success.


Activity Management

The simplest form of improvement is to get the activity mix right. Coach reps on the relationship of skills and activities to stage progression and opportunity viability.


Skill Development

Transforming activities to competencies requires new skills.  Tie skills and resources to key drivers of sales success by stage.


Paint the Target

Clearly determines which stage, activity and skill combinations lead to the highest close rates and the most profitable customer outcomes.

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