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The Process in Sales...Nobody Is Talking About

I speak at a lot of sales events every year. Most of the time I'm asked to speak on some combination of my Laws of Sales or Laws of Sales Leadership. Law #1 is the Law of Process. I learned a long time ago that talking about "Sales Process" is a guaranteed way to get a bunch of yawns.

Anatomy of a World-Class Sales Coaching Session

The days of reviewing a sales rep’s pipeline briefly over lunch and calling it coaching are long gone.  Today’s best sales teams have developed methodologies that have transformed coaching and the effect has been seen on the corporate bottom line.  In fact, high-performing firms provide 15 to 20% more coaching compared to other firms (Measuring Sales Management’s Coaching Impact, The Sales Management Association), and according to CEB, coaching can improve sales productivity by a whopping 88%. But, those figures are for sales teams that are following best practices.  Proper coaching requires cadence and adherence to proven processes in order to be effective.

The Sales Coach’s Gatorade Shower Moment—How to Turn Your Team into Raving Coaching Fans

So—you’ve found the time to coach and you’ve scheduled face-to-face meetings. Now, what do you bring to the table that will capture your team’s attention?  What can you show them with that will help them meet quota or beat their previous best or blow away their sales goals? How do you become essential to your reps’ success? When will you get your Gatorade moment? Great coaches turn their teams into raving coaching fans. Here’s how to do it.

Finding Time: A Sales Coach’s Challenge

When he said “Time is the fire in which we burn,” poet Delmore Schwartz touched upon an undeniable truth. Our projects, careers and lives flash brightly but briefly.  Time is our most important resource.  It’s also the thing we are worst at managing and is in the least supply.

The First Sale EVERY Salesperson Must Make

As part of the "Attention Economy" of today I noticed recently my reading habits had slipped. I reached out to a few friends for recommendations for my next 10 books. High on the list was Phil Knight's bestselling story of Nike, Shoe Dog.

5 Huge Problems Sales Coaching Helps Solve

1. Failure to Meet Quota

According to CSO Insights, only 55% of sales reps met their quotas in 2016*. That’s down from 63% in 2012 and the percentage continues to fall. The harsh reality is that companies continue to increase sales goals but do so without expanded headcount. “Do more with less” is the mantra. In this environment, the sales leader must do more with what he or she has to be successful. 

Sales Coaching By-The-Numbers

The world of sales coaching is as complex as it is important. There have been many studies and reports in recent years about the efficacy and impact of sales coaching and making sense of it all can be difficult. Questions like “How does sales coaching help me?” “How much time should I spend on it?” and “Who should coach?” can be daunting.

The Importance of Course Correction

In 1979, a DC-10 Passenger Jet flew from New Zealand to Antarctica on a sightseeing excursion on Air New Zealand flight 901. This 8 hour flight would provide passengers an experience of a lifetime: a chance to see the bottom of the world. 257 passengers and crew members took off at 8:20 that morning for routine 8 hour round-trip sightseeing trip with great anticipation to experience a part of the world very few people had ever seen.

3 Questions Every Sales Leader Should Answer

Sales leaders know that in order to have successful teams, they need to coach. But where do you start? And how do you measure success? There are three questions that sales leaders should ask themselves:

Xvoyant in Silicon Slopes Magazine

I was very fotunate the other day to be interviewed by Meg Walter for the new Silicon Slopes magazine.  It gave me the opportunity to share the Xvoyant story and show its value to a broad audience. Sales Coaching is such an important space.  I'm happy that I could add some value for their readers and showcase Xvoyant's technology.  I've included the full article below, in case you missed it.

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