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Rob Jeppsen Talks Sales Meetings in Forbes, Inc. and Huffington Post

Meetings can be the most or least productive part of your day.  Rob Jeppsen, CEO of Xvoyant, gives insight into holding meetings that are timely, involving, and most of all, relevant to participants, You can read the article in Forbes here, in Inc. here, or in the Huffingotn Post hereor the full text is included below.

Webinar: Effective Sales Coaching - Get Onboard or Get Left Behind

Rob Jeppsen, CEO of Xvoyant, will be a featuerd panelist in the upcoming Effective Sales Coaching webinar, presented by Richard Smith of Refract. The webinar will also feature  Ryan Reisert, Lead Instructor of Sales Bootcamp and  Matt McDarby, President of United Sales Resources.  Sign up today to learn why sales coaching is THE hot topic right now, quick fixes you can start to make TODAY to increase coaching effectiveness and the rise of the coaching tech stack - why coaching technology is important if you want positive results.  You can sign up here.

10 Sales Leaders Who’ve Mastered Storytelling

Rachel LaCroix at Everspring has written an article that coaches should find very useful.  The article is about story-telling as a salesperson and our very own Rob Jeppsen is the first person listed.  There is video for several of the highlighted experts so that you can see them in their element. Check out the article, here  www.everstring.com/blog/10-sales-leaders-who-have-mastered-storytelling/

To Use, or Not to Use Sales Enhancing Technology:  That is the Question

While firms continue to spend billions of dollars in sales stack technologies to improve rep decision-making and productivity, very few dollars hit their mark.  According to the Garner Group and Accenture’s Sales Performance Optimization Study, as much as 85% of all deployed sales tools failed to improve sales performance.  Today sale leaders and reps are inundated with a variety of technologies to make sales leaders and reps smarter.  Yet according to a recent study by CSO Insights, we continue to see sales quota attainment decline for the fifth straight year.   Why isn’t sales technology improving rep performance and making reps more successful?

Wanted: Sales Leaders

Over the years I have witnessed the complexity of having to deliver rapid growth while having to deal with radical changes in the sales process, managing the performance of a new breed of technology aided sales professionals, in a fiercely competitive market. To make matters worse success is expected to happen in months. Who is shouldering this burden? The VP of Sales!

Sales Leader Secrets: Becoming a Relevant Coach

We all want to make a difference.  We all want to be relevant. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult and sales coaching is one place where it is extremely hard. We recently did a training for one of our customers and during the session, one of the sales reps approached us. He was a star performer for the company, but he had some concerns about coaching. He told us, “If you are going to help me get a deal, that’s great.  But if are going to put me in a room and talk to me about generic stuff, I don’t have the time or patience for that.” As a coach who wants to help everyone on your team, how do you ensure that you are relevant?

Who Should I Coach: Sales Team Segmentation

Do you coach your entire team? Or, like most coaches, do you concentrate your efforts on one or two groups of reps? Or maybe you coach only poor performers and when it comes to reps hitting quota, you just get out of their way. So, how do you know where to allocate your time? Because as we all know, a sales manager’s time is scarce at best.

Rob Jeppsen Speaking at Dreamforce

I'm pumped to be speaking at Dreamforce in multiple sessions again this year! I have been asked to share a blueprint for the world's greatest sales coaches. This presentation will share some killer case studies based on some of the most innovative and successful approaches to sales coaching. I'm really looking forward to sharing how you can use Salesforce to help your team intentionally improve and do it faster than you might think is possible.

The Process in Sales...Nobody Is Talking About

I speak at a lot of sales events every year. Most of the time I'm asked to speak on some combination of my Laws of Sales or Laws of Sales Leadership. Law #1 is the Law of Process. I learned a long time ago that talking about "Sales Process" is a guaranteed way to get a bunch of yawns.

Anatomy of a World-Class Sales Coaching Session

The days of reviewing a sales rep’s pipeline briefly over lunch and calling it coaching are long gone.  Today’s best sales teams have developed methodologies that have transformed coaching and the effect has been seen on the corporate bottom line.  In fact, high-performing firms provide 15 to 20% more coaching compared to other firms (Measuring Sales Management’s Coaching Impact, The Sales Management Association), and according to CEB, coaching can improve sales productivity by a whopping 88%. But, those figures are for sales teams that are following best practices.  Proper coaching requires cadence and adherence to proven processes in order to be effective.

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