The Case for Engagement

Cultivating Sales Engagement is the missing link for world-class coaching.

When coaching your sales force do you sometimes find your salespeople:

  • Struggling to embrace new technology?
  • Slow to rally behind a technology initiative?
  • Lacking a learning orientation to continually improve their sales skills?
  • Lack the energy to follow new initiatives and only do the bare minimum of what they are asked to do?

If you do, you are not alone. Getting the most out of your salespeople is not always an issue of more control or more incentives; it is an issue of the heart. In The Future of Management, Gary Hamel made an insightful statement:

“Modern organizations are motivationally crippled because they ‘coerce grudging compliance instead of inspiring passionate performance”

Regardless of what you have been taught about how to manage and coach sales people, the fact is, you are now in the inspiration business. Job #1 is how well you manage feelings, not just intellect, to cultivate enthusiastic and innovative salespeople. Let Xvoyant help you connect to the heart of your salespeople to achieve maximum performance.

Engage Your Salespeople

Engaged salespeople have a heightened emotional connection to their job, products, and organization. They are enthusiastic and use their talents and discretionary effort to achieve maximum sales performance.

Engage Your Salespeople


Firms acknowledge that having engaged salespeople is beneficial to their organization. What they cannot agree on is how to cultivate highly engaged salespeople. Xvoyant uses a proprietary approach that not only measures whether salespeople believe, are inspired, and do extra, but also focus on the behavioral aspects of engagement (degree to which salespeople actually improve or regress in performing their day-to-day activities) which we refer to as behavioral engagement. Being able to measure the emotional and behavioral components of engagement allows firms to more fully identify best coaching practices that inspire innovative thinking, which is a catalyst to legendary customer experiences and remarkable sales performance.

Drivers of Sales Engagement

At Xvoyant we believe awesome sales coaching is a key driver of positive salesperson sentiment and energy, which lead to sales innovation and maximum sales performance.


 Based on dozens of research studies and Xvoyant's extensive experience with sales organizations, here are the fundamental drivers of Sales Engagement:

  • Sense of Mission— I have a clear sense of mission for what the sales organization stands for.
  • Sales Task Value—I have a sense of purpose and clear goals about what “I” want to accomplish.
  • Sales Coaching Feedback—I feel a high level of accountability and know that “I am I getting better or worse”.
  • Emotional Connection—I am inspired by my sales leaders and have a sense of belonging with my sales team.
  • Sales Support—I am valued and recognized by sales leadership for my unique individual contributions.
  • Job Fit—I have the necessary sales skills, resources, and training to succeed on my job. My talents are growing.

The Power of Engagement

Sales Engagement is an emerging field that offers significant financial benefits to your sales organization:

  • The 3-year-old Engaged Company Stock Index tops S&P 500 by 20%
  • London Business School Study confirms that companies with high levels of engagement significantly outperform the market indices
  • Studies by Gallup Hay Group, Towers Perrin, Kenexa, and others demonstrate that ROI of having highly engaged customers and employees. (Source: Enterprise Engagement Alliance

The Xvoyant Sales Engagement Platform™ provides you insights into whether your top performers are at risk for leaving your organization, whether your sales people are inspired and have increased energy or are burning out. We can also show you how sales coaching contributes to sales person engagement and therefore sales innovation and performance. Most importantly, we will help you to build a highly engaged sales force.

Let us help you inspire your salespeople through world-class coaching.