In order to get the very best results from Xvoyant technology, the building blocks of success must be in place. Each company has a unique sales environment but all the elements of a strong system must be present in order for predictability and sustainability to become the norm in sales.

Xvoyant Sales Organization Assessments

Xvoyant technology yields the best insights when a sales organization can identify processes that are working and those that can use improvement.  This information supports and validates coaching cadence development, pipeline forecasts, collaboration efforts and skill improvement opportunities, The Xvoyant team can identify the strengths and weaknesses of each component of your Sales Ecosystem. There are no quick fixes but there are steps you can take that have been proven to remove guesswork and maximize your chances of successfully creating a winning sales organization. Xvoyant Assessments provide insight on key elements including:

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Activity Value Assessment

Success in sales is simple: do more high-value activities and fewer low-value activities consistently.

  • Sales success is fueled by sales activities. Understanding your team’s activity mix will help you keep your sales engine running smoothly.
  • An Activity Use Assessment provides sales leaders with High and Low Value Activity Assessments and an Activity Impact Matrix.

Time Use Assessment

Sales leaders need to ensure they understand how the biggest investment they make is being utilize

  • The first place every sales leader should look to coach is in how a rep spends their time.
  • The Xvoyant Time Assessment provides sales leaders with Best Practices for balancing activity mix.
  • Xvoyant identifies the highest value use of time and ties it to positive sales outcomes.

Role Assessment

The first step in creating performance boosts is to focus the role of the sales leaders and the sales people.

  • Role clarity is the driver that fuels how members of the sales team spend their time.
  • To create sustainable success, sales leaders need to limit their primary roles.
  • Without role clarity, leaders will struggle to have success in developing their teams.
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Friction Identfication

Xvoyant helps identify areas of friction between sales leaders and sales people around use of time, role perception and activity selection.

  • Conflict arises when definitions differ. Xvoyant helps organizations establish clear, functional definitions and expectations.
  • Xvoyant helps eliminate friction arising from role misperception and time use disagreements by concentrating on efficiency and positive outcomes.

Process Assessment

Sales process is the foundation of all successful sales teams.  If you need help enhancing your process or building new processes, Xvoyant is here to help.

  • Multiple Xvoyant-engineered sales processes have been recognized with Stevie® Awards for Sales Process of the Year.
  • Process powers everything that makes sales both sustainable and repeatable.


Xvoyant helps sales team identify metrics that provide deep insight and actionable information.

  • Assessment reports establish base-line, current and trend metrics for measuring sales team health and efficiency.
  • With Xvoyant metrics, sales leaders and executives can strategize with confidence and make the very most of their time and resources. 

Xvoyant Assessments are not about identifying what your organization is doing right or wrong… they’re about staying relentlessly focused on how to be better, providing a blueprint on how to create:

  • The most immediate improvement
  • The most lasting/ongoing improvement


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