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Xvoyant provides technology and services to help sales leaders remove the guesswork and create predictable, sustainable revenue through coaching execution. Xvoyant helps create a World Class coaching culture, because world class coaches create world class sales teams.

What is Xvoyant?


[klair-voi-uh nt] 
having or claiming to have the power of seeing objects or actions beyond the range of natural vision:
Not being clairvoyant, I did not foresee the danger of ignoring her advice.
Synonyms: psychictelepathicprescientsecond-sightedvisionary;intuitiveempathicpredictiveprophetic.
of, by, or pertaining to clairvoyance:
Unlike more talented witches, I had to make do with love potions and occasional clairvoyant visions.
a clairvoyant person:
A clever clairvoyant could make a fortune in the stock market.
Synonyms: psychictelepathempathprophetvisionarydiviner,foretellerforeseerforecasterfortunetellermediumseer.


[x-voi-uh nt] 
A sales leader with the ability to predict future outcomes based on an understanding of the principles of execution:
An Xvoyant sales leader creates predictable, sustainable revenue and ongoing salesperson improvement through a coaching cadence and utilization of existing sales data.
Synonyms: predictive, empowered, confident, accurate, successful.
of, by, or pertaining to Xvoyance:
Unlike an Xvoyant Sales Leader, I have to rely on guesswork and “gut feel” on how I will hit my number and what I need to do to help my team improve.  I don’t know if we’ll hit goal until the last deal has closed.
an Xvoyant Leader:
An Xvoyant leader is legendary with the teams they lead.  They change individuals, companies, and careers in a way that ordinary sales leaders never can.
Synonyms: builder, coach, developer, engineer, mentor, enabler, expert.


Predicting Outcomes

Our core belief is simple: World Class Coaches Create World Class Teams. To do this, a different kind of leader is required. The #1 skill required to become a legendary leader is Coaching. Unfortunately, studies show that salespeople rank Coaching as the skill in which their leaders perform poorest.

The most common place leaders turn for help is their CRM platform. Sales Leaders implement CRM in hopes of improving forecast accuracy, sales performance, win rate, and salesperson productivity improvement. CRM gathers sales data but then leaves sales leaders to figure out how to use it. Most of the time leaders either have to resort to 3rd party tools or the sales leader just reports on the past and never gets to the point where they can predict future outcomes based on current activities. Xvoyant helps Sales Leaders use existing sales data to predict future results, creating a culture of insight and improvement.

Coaching Vision

Xvoyant isn't just another data visualization company. Seeing the data and putting it into practice are very different things, and Xvoyant helps you identify actionable areas and customize a coaching program to improve predictability, identify and eliminate skill gaps and focus on areas where execution will have the most effect. We specialize in moving the sales needle by offering:

Xvoyant Vision

Xvoyant Philosophy

Xvoyant believes sales is the most important discipline in business and that the position of Sales Leader is one of the most impactful. As sales leaders and as sales consultants, Xvoyant associates have created record-setting success stories as they’ve used forward-looking toolkits as part of a comprehensive coaching solution. These tools help redefine how coaching can be done to identify skill gaps, predict outcomes, create work plans and ultimately achieve record-setting performances. Companies using these tools realize new sales performance records, new benchmarks in % of salespeople achieving goal, unprecedented forecast accuracy, and clear optics on what each salesperson could do to improve their sales most.

Xvoyant Accolades

Xvoyant partners have won international awards including 15 gold and silver Stevie awards for Sales and Service, Salesforce Surfboards, Dreamforce SAMY awards, Selling Power Sales Excellence Award, and many others. However, our client's success is our most important reward and our focus is helping you build your own award-winning sales team.

Stevie Awards

Xvoyant partners have received 15 Stevie Awards for Sales and Service since 2007, in categories such as Sales Team of the Year, Sales Coaching Program of the Year, Sales Training Curriculum of the Year, Sales Process of the Year, Sales Director of the Year, and Sr. Sales Executive of the Year. Xvoyant's CEO, Rob Jeppsen, also won Sales Training Curriculum of the Year in 2012's Stevie Awards.

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